Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is a not-for-profit organization of the American and Canadian law schools, and administers the Law School Admission Test (LSAT®), which is scored on a scale between 120 and 180. The test score includes scores on 2 LR sections, 1 RC section, and 1 Analytical Reasoning Section. The experimental section (typically the 2nd or 3rd section on the LSAT) could be Logical Reasoning (unlikely) or RC or AR (Games). Beginning with the June 2007 administration, LSAC® has introduced a variant of Reading Comprehension called Comparative Reading section. MLIC LSAT Turboprep®and LSAT ONLINE prep courses will train you in the new comparative Reading Section and provide the best coaching in the LSAT assessment areas.
Also beginning with the June 2007 LSAT, LSAT test-takers will be assigned only a decision prompt. The analysis of an argument essay will be discontinued The writing sample will continue to be unscored.


Effective with the June 2009 administration, only a current, valid (not expired) government-issued passport book or driver's license containing a recent and recognizable photo and signature are acceptable IDs for admission to the LSAT. Government-issued employment IDs, passport cards and student IDs are not acceptable. Also, you are required to take with you two passport-sized photographs taken recently when you go to the test center.
Items permitted in the test room: Tests takers may bring into the room only a clear plastic ziplock bag, maximum size one gallon (3.79 liter), which must be stored under the chair and may be accessed only during the break. The ziplock bag may contain only the following items: LSAT Admission Ticket stub; valid ID; wallet; keys; hygiene products; #2 or HB pencils, highlighter, erasers, pencil sharpener (no mechanical pencils); tissues; beverage in plastic container or juice box (20 oz./591 ml maximum size) and snack for break only.
Items permitted on the desktop: Test takers may only have tissues, ID, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, highlighter, and analog (nondigital) wristwatch. No electronic timing devices are permitted.
Prohibited items: Candidates are not permitted to bring into the test center the following items: weapons or firearms, ear plugs, books, backpacks, handbags, papers of any kind, calculators, rulers, timers, listening devices, cellular phones, recording or photographic devices, pagers, beepers, headsets, and/or other electronic devices. Bringing prohibited items into the test room may result in the confiscation of such items by the test supervisor, a warning, dismissal from the test center, and/or cancellation of a test score by LSAC. Prohibited items may not be used during the break. No hats or hoods are allowed (except items of religious apparel). No handbags, backpacks, briefcases or other bags—except the ziplock bag described above are allowed in the test room.
Cancellation/Complaint deadlines: Test taker complaints and cancellation requests must be received at LSAC within six (6) days of the test date. (This is a change from previous years.)
MLIC LSAT prep courses will continue to provide the best coaching and training in the LSAT assessment areas, and back up the training with the industry-leading 165+ LSAT Score Guarantee™. MLIC LSAT prep advantage: Best training materials, best training methodology, and best instructors. MLIC uses its patent-pendng CPSD methodology and the 'learn, demonstrate, practice' teaching methodology that compels you to demonstrate in a Socratic way that you are competent in the different assessment areas so that you can take the LSAT with confidence and competence. MLIC's CPSD methodology also is meant to arm you with time-critical test-taking strategies for eliminating 4 out of 5 answer choices so that you can maximize your test-taking effectiveness and to provide conceptual and procedural drilling that facilitates your honing the works-every-time strategies and guidelines. MLIC teaches you how to pick the correct answer even if you do not have the time to read the whole passage. No wonder, MLIC LSAT prep beats Kaplan, Princeton Review, Powerscore, Robin Singh's Testmasters180, and all others.


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DEC.5/9, 2015OCT. 31, 2015Nov. 11, 2015
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Late registrations can be done within 10 days of registration deadlines by telephone or Online.
TEST FEE & Changes to LSAT Date/Center procedure: The fee for the LSAT Test in USA and Canada is U$170. If you register late, you pay additional $72. If you want to subscribe to credentials Assembly Service of LSAC, you pay $165. If you want to cancel your test date, you can apply for partial refund of $48 by completing the Refund Request form and by faxing it to 215-968-1277 or by mailing it to: LSAC, P O BOX 2000-T, Newton, PA 18940.

Effective immediately, you will be required to apply for change of LSAT date at least 3 weeks before the scheduled LSAT date. The fee to change the date is $85 US. You can change the test center by paying a fee of U$37. The easiest and quickest way to change your test date is via your account. This will also give you instant access to available centers. Or, you may send the payment with a completed Test Date Change Form or a written request to (include a valid credit card number and expiration date with your request):
LSAC,   Box 2000-T,   Newtown, PA 18940.
or fax to 215.968.1277. Be sure to include:
  • your name, address, LSAC account number, last four digits of your Social Security or Social Insurance number, the test date, and first and second center choice desired
  • your signature and current date.
    If you want to change your test center (subject to availability), you need to make the request online at LSAC.ORG or in writing to the above address. Be ready to pony up another $35 for this change. Also, start planting a money tree in your backyard. It helps.

MLIC LSAT Score Guarantee

All prep courses for the LSAT offered by MLIC are backed by industry-leading 165+ LSAT Score Guarantee under which you are eligible for free subsequent training if you have validated your score guarantee requirements and if you did not score at least 165 on the LSAT you took shortly after the MLIC LSAT Training. Only MLIC knows that its training methodolgy is far superior to any employed by our competitors such as Robin Singh, Powerscore, Kaplan, and Princeton Review and is willing to back up the training with its unique Score Guarantee. Remember that any company that balks at backing up its training with a guarantee is a waste of your prep dollars and prep time. You cannot afford to gamble away your future, given that you can only take the LSAT 3 times in 2 years. MLIC LSAT prep course is your only guarantee of success on the Law School Admission Test.

MLIC Turboprep® Course Structure

All Turboprep course participants will be required to complete 120 hours of training in 3 distinct phases - pre-course training (40 hours), in-class training (40 hours), and post-class training (at least 40 hours). The pre-course training is meant to have you review the concepts and the strategies outlined in MLIC study guides for Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Reasoning, and complete diagnostic assignments in Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and the Writing Section. You will be required to turn in the completed pre-course assignments to your in-class trainer on Day 1 of the training. The pre-course training creates a diagnostic baseline, and is a critical part of validating your Score guarantee. MLIC is the only company that offers a highly structured training course for the Law School Admission Test.

MLIC Turboprep® in-class Schedule

The in-class training sessions that will be held over 5 consecutive days and over 40 hours will run according the following schedule and cover LSAT assessment areas as indicated. All trainees will be required to actively participate in in-class tests and after-class home assignments. The in-class training sessions are held starting on a Friday, typically 2-4 weeks before the scheduled date for LSAT administration, and run accoring to the following schedule: Friday: 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM; Saturday to Tuesday: 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM in all USA locations. In-class training sessions in all overseas locations and canada run in extended format, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all 5 consecutive days. All in-class course attendees will be required to complete home assignments requiring a commitment of 1 hour at the end of training sessions on Days 2 through 4.

"I took the Powerscore prep course for the February 2009 LSAT and kept scoring in the low 160's on the practice tests. However, my actual test score on the February 09 LSAT was 147. Some of the techniques I learned from Powerscore actually caused me to waste time and I could not finish the last 6 questions in each LR section, and at least one passage in the RC section. The games section had me floored as well because some of the games did not fit into the types of games I had been taught at powerscore. Then, I registered in the MLI company's online prep class for the September 2009 LSAT. I received my score report last week and was happy to see a score of 167. The virtual classes hosted by MLI were great help and the interactions between the students and the trainer were beneficial. MLI emphasizes rejection of answers so that you do not end up picking the wrong answers. My pacing improved greatly and I am happy with my score. Thanks a million, MLI. "
   -- Michael Guindy, LSAT Online prep, NYC.

"Your Virtual classes held on the weekends were very valuable to me. I learned more from your online prep course than I did from Testmasters full length course. Your course taught me what specific language I needed to focus on and how to eliminate implausible answer choices. My score improved from 157 after Testmasters to 171. Your course works. -- Annika Williams, Elizabeth NJ."
"I asked Testmasters of Robin singh fame about their guarantee. I was told that they guarantee a 10 point increase but would have me sign a waiver stating that the company is not responsible for my score. Testmasters is a ripoff.   Chris Lemons, Santa Barbara, CA."
"If Robin Singh is the next best thing to hula-hoop, how come his company - Robin Singh Educational Services aka Testmasters - does not offer any guarantee for LSAT Score? Something does not add up with Testmasters - Alex Greer, Wisconsin."
"After learning those time-consuming diagramming strategies from Testmasters, I was relieved to learn more efficient strategies for Logical reasoning and reading comprehension from MLIC. Testmasters' tricks do not work well but your guidelines for choosing answers work like a charm. My score went up to 166 from 149.   -- Amanda Lang, Turboprep L.A.,CA."
"Your guides for LR and RC were the best I have seen for LSAT prep, and surely beat the bibles from Powerscore and Testmasters. Your guidance on picking correct answers by eliminating silly ones helped me raise my score from 159 to 172. cheers MLIC. -- Jason Turso, Turboprep, Dallas, TX"
"Thanks to your Lsat prep class, my test score jumped from 151 to 172, and I could not have done it without your coaching. What made the difference in my case was your strategies for eliminating 4 of 5 answer options by classifying answer options as vague, extreme, politically incorrect, not commonsensical, etc. Your test-taking strategies greatly improved my ability to finish the Lsat sections in the allotted time, and to realize terrific accuracies. Your training in Logical Reasoning section was spot-on and helped me improve greatly in identifying the assumptions. Thanks again for your outstanding support and training materials. Your training made the difference to my score and is the best. -- Alex den Dekker, TurboPrep, Chicago."

MLIC Study Guides for LSAT Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and the GAMES easily outclass and best the so-called 'bibles' put out by Testmasters and Powerscore. You can order study guides HERE