Robin Singh's Testmasters will have you sign a waiver stating that his company is not responsible for your LSAT score -- a clear admission that Testmasters does not help you improve your LSAT Score or enhance your LSAT readiness. Be wise. Do not be a sucker for abuse and punishment by Testmasters. Choose MLIC LSAT Turboprep or MLIC Online prep course backed by 165+ Score Guarantee.

"MLIC LSAT prep was Simply outstanding. Great prep guides, and amazing strategies. -- Jason Essary, Chicago."
"Your LSAT course gave me the best tools and strategies for dealing with all three sections on the LSAT. The rule of symmetry and language policing were the best strategies I have ever seen. Thanks to your best prep course, I scored 173 on the December 2010 LSAT. Thanks, MLIC. -- Serge, Chavarria, New York City."

MLIC -- MLI Consulting, New York -- offers the best LSAT prep course and LSAT Online prep course for Law School Admission Test. MLIC LSAT preparation courses offer 120+ hours of no-nonsense LSAT coaching backed by industry-leading 165+ LSAT Test Score Guarantee. The Turboprep® LSAT Course and our LSAT Online prep course both use our patent-pending CPSD  methodology that arms participants with a strong Conceptual understading in all LSAT assessment areas, teaches efficient Procedures for taking the LSAT exam in a time-critical test-environment, provides works-every-time Strategies for picking the correct answer and for rejecting incorrect ones, and incorporates a unique Diagnostic feature that enables MLIC to identify each LSAT course participant's unique weaknesses in the LSAT assessment areas and to work with each one get up to speed in all four the LSAT sections - Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and the Writing Section.

Here are the reasons why MLIC LSAT prep courses -- Turboprep® and LSAT Online prep course -- offer the best preparation for LSAT and beat Robin Singh's Testmasters, Powerscore and outclass all other LSAT prep courses for the LSAT®.

  • MLIC has reverse engineered the LSAT, and will teach you how to think like the LSAT test authors. Kaplan and Princeton Review have no methodologies at all; Robin 'sue-me-if-you-can' Singh's Testmasters (aka Scoretop in Texas) and its knockoff Powerscore both rely on convoluted diagramming quagmire that actually causes you to waste more time. None of these companies trains you in how to make the call between two close answer choices and on what basis an answer option can be rejected. MLIC trains you to pick the answer option that could not be rejected as Vague, unsure, unspecific, extreme, abusing qualifiers and emphasis, politically incorrect, and not commonsensical.
  • MLIC's Subject-Scope-Qualifier strategy for Logical Reasoning is the best and allows you to deal with any kind of argument presented to you. The diagramming methods taught by TM and Powerscore are not amenable to all types of logical reasoning arguments and all types of language used in arguments, and fail to address the significance of qualifiers that are critical to the scope of information being analyzed.
  • MLIC's Anchor Phrase strategy for LSAT Reading comprehension and the specific training you will receive in spotting the Question Triggers in the LSAT passages will make you more efficient in dealing with the LSAT RC Section. MLIC is the first and the only company to train you in the comparative Reading passages that are currently being tested in the RC section of the LSAT.
  • MLIC LSAT Prep will teach you to be more flexible with all kinds of Logic games tested in the Analytical Reasoning Section of the LSAT. Both Robin Singh's Testmasters and its knockoff Powerscore emphasize diagramming so much so that games that do not require or permit diagramming flummox those who have been through their inferior LSAT courses. Cases in point: The Mauve Dinosaur game and the Grants Game that appeared on June 2009 LSAT; the grants game had no blank space for diagramming and the Dino game simply required you to make one simple inference about possibilities for mauve color. MLIC shows you how to treat the Logic Games section as another Logical Reasoning section and apply the same reasoning to draw inferences and to apply the rules of logic such as contrapositives. Result: MLIC trainees are more flexible and better prepared to deal with all kinds of games being currently tested on the LSAT. Some of the so-called killer games being shown by TM and PS literally kill your chances for success on the LSAT because no game is meant to be a killer. MLIC has a superior training methodology for all sections of the LSAT.
  • MLIC LSAT prep courses are backed by industry-leading 165+ LSAT Score Guarantee. Contrast this with no guarantee offered by Robin Singh's Testmasters (Scoretop) and its knockoff Powerscore, and you can see why MLIC is the best LSAT training option for the Law School Admission Test. In fact. Robin Singh will have you sign a legal waiver stating that his Robin Singh Educational Services is not responsible for whatever score you will get on the LSAT. If Robin Singh is a miracle worker, why does he lack the courage or conviction to offer some kind of guarantee to back up his useless training methodology? If you want to be a sucker and retake Testmasters or Powerscore courses, you need to pony up additional $800 and be no better off. Think logically, and Choose MLIC LSAT prep courses. MLIC LSAT prep: Your only guarantee of success on the Law School Admission Test.
Enroll in the industry-leading MLIC LSAT prep courses -- Turboprep® and Online Prep with Virtual classes -- today, and get trained to score better than 170 on the LSAT!. Click Here to view the MLIC LSAT prep course dates for the upcoming LSAT administration. Click Here to view the MLIC LSAT Hall of Famers.

MLIC LSAT Score Guarantee

All prep courses for the LSAT offered by MLIC are backed by industry-leading 165+ LSAT Score Guarantee under which you are eligible for free subsequent training if you have validated your score guarantee requirements and if you did not score at least 165 on the LSAT you took shortly after the MLIC LSAT Training. Only MLIC knows that its training methodolgy is far superior to any employed by our competitors such as Robin Singh, Powerscore, Kaplan, and Princeton Review and is willing to back up the training with its unique Score Guarantee. Remember that any company that balks at backing up its training with a guarantee is a waste of your prep dollars and prep time. You cannot afford to gamble away your future, given that you can only take the LSAT 3 times in 2 years. MLIC LSAT prep course is your only guarantee of success on the Law School Admission Test.

MLIC Turboprep® Course Structure

All Turboprep course participants will be required to complete 120+ hours of training in 3 distinct phases - pre-course training (40 hours), in-class training (40 hours), and post-class training (at least 40 hours). The pre-course training is meant to have you review the concepts and the strategies outlined in MLIC study guides for Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Reasoning, and complete diagnostic assignments in Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and the Writing Section. You will be required to turn in the completed pre-course assignments to your in-class trainer on Day 1 of the training. The pre-course training creates a diagnostic baseline, and is a critical part of validating your Score guarantee. MLIC is the only company that offers a highly structured training course for the Law School Admission Test.

MLIC Turboprep® in-class Schedule

The in-class training sessions that will be held over 5 consecutive days and over 40 hours will run according the following schedule and cover LSAT assessment areas as indicated. All trainees will be required to actively participate in in-class tests and after-class home assignments. The in-class training sessions are held starting on a Friday, typically 2-4 weeks before the scheduled date for LSAT administration, and run accoring to the following schedule: Friday: 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM; Saturday to Tuesday: 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM in all USA locations. In-class training sessions in all overseas locations and canada run in extended format, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all 5 consecutive days. All in-class course attendees will be required to complete home assignments requiring a commitment of 1 hour at the end of training sessions on Days 2 through 4.

All about LSAC® and LSAT®.. See LSAT Test schedule for 2011-2012.
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"I took your LSAT turboprep course in New York for the December 2009 LSAT, and am happy to report a score of 175. Your training guides for logical reasoning and reading comprehension were nothing if not the best. The reading techniques and strategies for spotting the anchors and question triggers made reading comprehension section, one of my worst sections, a breeze. Our in-class coach was serious about all of us in the class getting a score in the 90th percentile, and did not fail to admonish us if we did not apply the strategies or the procedures. I owe my great score your outstanding, professional coaching. I could not have done it without MLIC.
   -- Saroj D'Mello, Turboprep course, New York. LSAT Hall of Famer.
"Your Virtual LSAT classes held on the weekends were very valuable to me. I learned more from your LSAT online prep course than I did from Testmasters full length course. Your course taught me what specific language I needed to focus on and how to eliminate implausible answer choices. My score improved from 157 after Testmasters to 171. Your LSAT course works. -- Annika Williams, Elizabeth NJ."
"I asked Testmasters of Robin singh fame about their guarantee. I was told that they guarantee a 10 point LSAT score increase but would have me sign a waiver stating that Testmasters LSAT prep is not responsible for my LSAT score. Testmasters is a ripoff.   Chris Lemons, Santa Barbara, CA."
"If Robin Singh is the next best thing to hula-hoop, how come his company - Robin Singh Educational Services aka Testmasters - does not offer any guarantee for LSAT Score? Something does not add up with Testmasters - Alex Greer, Wisconsin."
"After learning those time-consuming diagramming strategies from Testmasters, I was relieved to learn more efficient strategies for Logical reasoning and reading comprehension from MLIC. Testmasters' tricks do not work well but your guidelines for choosing answers work like a charm. My score went up to 166 from 149.   -- Amanda Lang, Turboprep L.A.,CA."
"Your Study guides for LR and RC were the best I have seen for LSAT prep, and surely beat the bibles from Powerscore and Testmasters. Your guidance on picking correct answers by eliminating silly ones helped me raise my score from 159 to 172. cheers MLIC. -- Jason Turso, Turboprep, Dallas, TX"
"Thanks to your Lsat prep class, my test score jumped from 151 to 172, and I could not have done it without your LSAT coaching. What made the difference in my case was your strategies for eliminating 4 of 5 answer options by classifying answer options as vague, extreme, politically incorrect, not commonsensical, etc. Your LSAT test-taking strategies greatly improved my ability to finish the Lsat sections in the allotted time, and to realize terrific accuracies. Your training in Logical Reasoning section was spot-on and helped me improve greatly in identifying the assumptions. Thanks again for your outstanding support and LSAT training materials. Your LSAT prep made the difference to my score. Your LSAT course is the best. -- Alex den Dekker, TurboPrep, Chicago."


: MLIC Study Guides for LSAT Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and the LSAT LOGIC GAMES easily outclass and best the so-called 'bibles' put out by Testmasters and Powerscore. Powerscore 'bible' for Logic Games is badly put together that it fails to diagram sufficient and necessary conditions properly and mixes up > and < signs when making sense of logic games. Be wise, order MLIC LSAT Study Guides and Prep materials today. You can order LSAT study guides HERE